Musik - Drummer Quint steigt bei Bodyfarm aus!
 Die niederländischen Deather Bodyfarm haben den Ausstieg von Drummer Quint bekannt gegeben.

Unfortunately our brother Quint had to quit Bodyfarm. Here’s his statement about his dicision:

"Dear all",

Due to private circumstances and after thinking long and hard, I decided to quit Bodyfarm. It was a tough decision, but I know it to be the right one.
With this message I'd like to thank each and every one who has supported me and Bodyfarm throughout the years! Roman and Willem and the whole D19 team, for their trust in us and for organising many awesome shows to play. All the bands whom I've met on the road, all the fans who have always faithfully supported us and of course my Bodyfarm brothers (R.I.P Thomas). We have laughed, we have cried and we have worked really hard. We have travelled many places and we have had tons of fun! It was the greatest adventure and an honour to create music with you guys for the past twelve years. I love you!
My time as the drummer of Bodyfarm has ended but, the time of "the new guy", who’s name will be revealed soon, is just beginning! Good luck buddy! I am happy to see you in my place among my brothers! Again, thanks to everyone for everything you have meant to me and Bodyfarm! We will meet again!

As his friends and bandbrothers we only can show the deepest respect for this decision. It shows great character to take a step like this and the way you approach it. All hailz to you brother and mega thanks for all the great adventures together the last 12 years! We both know you’ll always be part of the family!
Be sure to spot Quint on several future gigs as a special guest in the pit!
Behind the scenes our “new guy” has already been fully worked in and the drum-recording studio for our new album is booked.
STAY TUNED…we will reveal his identity soon!
Exorzist am 18.07.2021, 12:02