Musik - DENOUNCEMENT PYRE bei Agonia Records unter Vertrag
 Agonia Records hat die australischen Black/Death Metaller DENOUNCEMENT PYRE unter Vertrag genommen. Die Band arbeitet momentan am Nachfolger von "Black Sun Unbound" (2016).

DENOUNCMENT PYRE wurden 2003 in Melbourne gegründet. Neben diversen Kleinformaten veröffentlichten sie bisher drei Alben via Hells Headbangers Records; "World Cremation" (2010), "Almighty Arcanum" (2013) und "Black Sun Unbound" (2016).

"Denouncement Pyre stands for the destruction of the limitations of man," erläutert Gitarrist und Sänger D. "Drawing inspiration from the darkness that lurks beyond the boundaries of flesh and mind. Through doorways to Daath. Forever unbound!".
Zum neuen Plattenvertrag: "We are stoked to be joining forces with Agonia Records for our forthcoming album. So far the recording sessions for the new record have been the most intense yet. With ever burning hunger we look forward to unleashing this beast upon you all soon!"

D - Guitar & Vocal
T - Guitar
R - Bass
L - Drums

Photo credit:
Elizabeth D’Aprano
Alucard am 15.06.2021, 10:49