Musik - Erster Song “As Nu Enshrines Death” vom neuen Crescent Album
 Crescent haben mit “As Nu Enshrines Death” ihren ersten Song vom neuen Album Carving the Fires of Akhet Online gestellt. Das Lyric-Video zum Song kann man HIER genießen. Der erste Eindruck lässt großes erwarten !!

“As Nu Enshrines Death” is a 7-minute song that combines and encompasses the long journey of Crescent for the past 20+ years. A perfect combination of Crescent's long inspirations mixed with its own fingerprint that led to a unique, majestic and dark output. It is certainly one of our darkest, albeit melodic, tracks to date and it musically highlights that aspect of the album. Lyrically, it is inspired by one of the rarest ancient Egyptian prophecies that herald the flood of life by the growing darkness within all of us and the chaotic consequences that will swallow everything in its way. This video was created by our brother-in-arms (also ex-bassist) Moanis Salem; he helped us achieve the dark atmosphere that As Nu Enshrines Death depicts, by also utilizing yet another brutally majestic art-piece dedicated to this track (which was created by Khaos Diktator Design)
Exorzist am 20.05.2021, 20:14