Musik - VREID präsntieren den neuen Song und Video zu "The Morning Red"
 Die norwegischenn Black 'n Roller von VREID haben sich mit dem Decibel Magazine zusammengetan und präsentieren den zweiten Song vom neuen Album Wild North West. Das Album erscheint am 30.April via Season of Mist.

Das neue Video zum Song "The Morning Red" könnt ihr HIER sehen.

VREID songwriter and bass player Jarle Hváll Kvåle comments: "The Morning Red" is one our heaviest songs ever and clearly shows that our musical DNA is rooted in the 70/80s classical heavy rock coated with Nordic blackness. A blueprint of our eternal creative duality of melancholia and primal aggression. The backdrop for our new music video The Morning Red, which is also the centerpiece of our full movie, Wild North West, is this haunted architectural eagle´s nest. The more than 100-year-old sanatorium lies completely isolated in the mountainside above the world’s longest fjord, Sognefjorden. Once built to shield people from infectious diseases and later the asylum of the Wild North West, it became our creative center during the pandemic. With the world closed down, we admitted ourselves to one of Scandinavia’s most mythical and majestic buildings to record the movie. The massive building has been abandoned for almost 30 years, and the harsh climate has taken its toll as the building is being consumed by nature. The history and destinies that these roughed walls embrace are fascinating, vile and dark to say the least, and with ‘Wild North West,’ we have become a part of this majestic white castle’s history.”

1. Wild North West (05:23)
2. Wolves at Sea (05:14)
3. The Morning Red (05:42)
4. Shadows of Aurora (05:20)
5. Spikes of God (04:10)
6. Dazed and Reduced (04:55)
7. Into the Mountains (05:20)
8. Shadowland (09:53)
Total: 0:49:23
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