Musik - Nightfall streamen "At Night We Prey"
 Die griechischen melodic blackened Deather von NIGHTFALL streamen ihr neues Album "At Night We Prey" in voller Länge. Das Album könnt ihr euch HIER anhören. Das offizielle Releasedatum von "At Night We Prey" ist morgen am 05.März.

Vocalist Efthimis comments on the stream: "This album is made of anger and hope. Anger about all those stereotypes built around serious subjects affecting all, like depression; and hope for things to change for the better. We sing for younger generations to break down old misconceptions about mental disorders. Music in this album is not following a linear pattern, but rather tries to catch the entire spectrum of mood swings one is experiencing, while in this state. It is a blend of fast and slow parts, heavy and heavier passages, in a natural progress from start to end. Enjoy it and let its message root in you."
Exorzist am 04.03.2021, 20:03