Musik - CULTED streamen neues Album in voller Länge
 Die blackened Industrial Doomer CULTED streamen ihr heute erschienenes neues Album ‘Nous’ jetzt in voller Länge.

Die Band kommentiert: “After years of repeated personal and psychological trauma, “Nous” was the response. It was created after extended periods of self-imposed isolation and psychic exorcism. Ritual fires of mind destroyed the burden of our collective past. From those ashes a new beginning was possible. In that beginning there was nothing, just existential nihilism. But from that nothing, Culted explored all facets of human endeavors. Nothing was out of bounds nothing was sacred; the religious, the philosophical, the metaphysical, all were fodder for exploration and contemplation. Culted embraced the results of those explorations and “Nous” is their interpretation using sound. Unlike previous efforts, ‘Nous’ traded the epic and thematic, soundtrack like delivery of the past and instead opted for a more “rock” oriented approach. Songs could be identified and enjoyed individually, while the album as a whole still retains a cohesive core that flows throughout. What remains is total, sonic annihilation.”

Lowest Class
One Last Smoke
Ankle Deep
Black Bird
Opiate the Hounds
Crown of Lies
The Grid
Crush My Soul (Godflesh cover)
Alucard am 26.02.2021, 15:28