Musik - THE SUN AND THE MIRROR: Experimental Doom Duo veröffentlicht "Dissolution to Salt and Bone" im April
 Das Experimental Doom/Ambient Drone Duo THE SUN AND THE MIRROR veröffentlicht am 02.04.2021 sein erstes Vollzeitalbum “Dissolution to Salt and Bone” via Brucia Records.

Cvlt Nation gibt euch schon einen Einblick in den Albumtitel "Katherinella Angustri":

"THE SUN AND THE MIRROR’s debut album is a phenomenally multi-layered work: spilling out blood and tears, rage and sorrow, their audial exploration in the realm of avant-garde and experimental music evokes a poetry of broken memories and incumbent omens."

01. Interval I (4:43)
02. Currents (17:52)
03. Interval II (3:49)
04. Katherinella Angustri (17:13)

Sarah Townley: Cello
Reggie Townley: Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Electronics, Drums
Alucard am 11.02.2021, 17:26