Musik - BURIED veröffentlichen Debutalbum 'Oculus Rot'
 Die niederländischen Deather von BURIED veröffentlichen ihr Debutalbum 'Oculus Rot' am 14.Februar über Brutal Mind. Die Band besteht aus Ex-Members von PYAEMIA, BURIED zollen dem old school Death Metal Tribut, aber in Ihrer eigenen Art und Weise.

Ein Lyric-Video zum Song "Retribution" findet ihr HIER

"You may remember the brutal vocals of Joel Sta and the insane drumming of Robbe V, as they were part of the brutal death metal band PYAEMIA. Now they’re up for something new: together with Worm on bass –
who also played in PYAEMIA - they have teamed up with Steve on guitars who adds a lot of groove in his songwriting."

Buried haben zu ihrer Musik und zum Album folgendes zu sagen:
"Bands like Suffocation, Revocation and Decapitated are big influences on our sound, and even Pantera comes to mind. We like it heavy, sometimes with odd time signatures and at the same time we want the audience to bang their heads," says Steve. "The lyrical theme is about all dark things we call upon ourselves," Joel adds. "Nothing new on that part, just brutal stuff!"

Track Listing:

1. Retribution
2. Anti Body
3. Tornado of Blood
4. Buried
5. Oculus Rot
6. Leech
7. Splintered
8. Paradise
9. Tenebrous Worm
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