Musik - Neue Band Close to Ruin um Ex-Fallen Saints Fronter Oliver Meyer
 "Close to Ruin" nennt sich die neue Band um den Ex-Fronter von Fallen Saints - Oliver Meyer. Die Namen der neuen Bandmembers lesen sich schon mal sehr geschmeidig und lassen eine gewisse Vorfreude aufkommen.

Guitars: Max Otero, Mercyless
Bass: Henk Zinger, Burial Remains, ex-God Dethroned, ex-Entrapment
Our beloved session Drummer: Jann Hillrichs, Nailed to Obscurity
Fuckin Vokills: Oli "edhunter" Meyer, ex- Fallen Saints

Bei dieser Konstellation darf man schon sehr auf erste Soundattacken gespannt sein !

Lest hier was der Mastermind Oliver Meyer zur neuen Band zu vermelden hat:

What should I say about it? I couldn't be happier! A vision, a dream come true for me.
I am a merciless fan since 1992, I love God Dethroned and Entrapment as well.
And Nailed to Obscurity? Nobody has more talent at the moment, that's it!
And much more important is the fact, that I found this guy's over the years on the road, and we became friends, or brothers!! What a pleasure to meet people like this!
Could you imagine, what it means to me, to work with them? No, you can't!
It feels like ... total stolz!

What's coming next? I have to deliver, cause we have already two bone crushing song and this means to me, I have to give my best! And I promise, I will!!
Here are my Idols: Bruce Dickinson, Taneli Jarva, John Tardy,
Jeff Walker, Martin Van Drunen, Chuck Schuldiner, Sean Reinert, Ed Warbie, Steve Harris, David Vincent, Thomas Johnson, Stefan Poge, Nicke Anderson...
So expect the best...
Exorzist am 05.01.2021, 20:17