CD Review - Review: Carcass - Despicable [EN]
Review zu old school Death/Grind aus England

Verfasst in englischer Sprache von unserem Gastschreiber Paul, Extreme Metal Musiker und Metalfan, aus London.

» For anyone who has somehow missed it Despicable is the latest release from UK Extreme Metal legends Carcass. The plan originally was for a new album to be released however the current COVID pandemic has forced the medical miscreants to delay that until next year. Instead we have a 4 track EP to whet the appetite, whilst 1 of the tracks “Under the Scalpel Blade” has been confirmed for inclusion on the album the other tracks I am assuming are unique to this release. For any long-term fans of the band you will know that they tend to throw an EP of left over tracks out in addition to a new album, sometime as is the case with the “Tools of The Trade” ep the material more than holds up to the album on other occasions less so.«

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Carcass - Despicable / 7 von 10 / Death/Grind
UnDerTaker am 07.11.2020, 22:23