Musik - Kosmovorous - "Glorification Sermons" EP kommt im Oktober
 Via I, Voidhanger Records erscheint am 23.Oktober die "Glorification Sermons" EP von Kosmovorous.

"Seek not for salvation behind words, the soporific seeds of beguilement. Seek not for morals beneath flesh, those fetid blots. A cathode necessary to all breathing cells." -S.

Gegründet wurde die Band 2013 von S. (bass) und Antinomos (guitars), Valkenstijn (MOSAIC) kam zwei Jahre später als Sänger dazu.

"The band's debut EP, “Glorification Sermons” is a relentless and brutal assault on the senses. The work is comprised by two long and complex compositions, two majestic psalms that flay our skins with merciless lashes of utter black metal violence, before soothing our wounds with painful melodies poised between melancholy and rage."

1. The Perilous Flesh And The Devouring Light (10:26)
2. Flagellation Litanies (11:15)
Total Time 21:41

Valkenstijn - Invocations
Antinomos - Guitars / Composition
S. - Bass / Psalms

Cover art by Vamon VII
Mixed by Achilleas Kalantzis (Varathron, Katavasia, Aenaon) at Suncord Audiolab

"Glorification Sermons" EP (CD/Digital)
Out October 23 - Pre-orders are open
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