Musik - Michiel van der Plicht verlässt God Dethroned
 Hier die News vom Ausstieg des God Dethroned Drummer Michiel van der Plicht.

After 11 years I have decided to leave God Dethroned.

My goals and priorities have changed over the years due to my work as an independent musician which is my main point of focus. This makes it impossible for me to continue with God Dethroned and give the band the focus this band needs. The band and I have different needs and goals, so it’s time to close this chapter.

We ended this in a positive way. Simply changing the status of being bandmates to mates.

I will continue full pull with the other bands/projects I’m involved in, recording, session work, teaching drums and so on.
We will both go on with our journeys, yet not in the same band anymore.

Thanks to Henri and the rest of band, the fans and all people involved with GD who I certainly had a blast with.

Its been quite the ride!


God Dethroned
Exorzist am 12.08.2020, 20:30