Musik - CARNATION veröffentlichen neuen Song "Iron Discipline"
 Die belgischen Deather Carnation veröffentlichen den zwwiten Song "Iron Discipline" vom kommenden Album "Where Death Lies". Das neue Album erscheint am 19.September über Season of Mist. Den neuen Song könnt ihr HIER antesten.

Frontman Simon Duson comments: "With 'Iron Discipline', we unleash our second creation from the upcoming 'Where Death Lies' full-length. 'Iron Discipline' is the opening track of the album, and it takes you straight into the action. It showcases some of the most groove-oriented parts on the record, culminating into a piece that is bursting with power and heaviness. Older fans of the band should definitely find what they are looking for on this track. 'Where Death Lies' in its entirety contains quite some variance. It is the result of our effort to write a balanced record with elements that both defined and refined Carnation. We hope this second step towards the release has peaked your interest even more."

1. Iron Discipline (3:52) (WATCH)
2. Sepulcher of Alteration (4:22) (WATCH)
3. Where Death Lies (3:26)
4. Spirit Excision (3:46)
5. Napalm Ascension (4:09)
6. Serpent's Breath (4:47)
7. Malformed Regrowth (3:09)
8. Reincarnation (5:24)
9. In Chasms Abysmal (7:39)
Total playing time: 40:34
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