Musik - OPALGLAS zeigen Debütsingle “ARIZONA”
 “Like a twisted nightmare you don't want to wake from, comes a fierce new saw wave project from Christian Kolf of Valborg, in his latest endeavor called Opalglas.” -

Christian Kolf kennt ihr eventuell von VALBORG, OWL oder ABSOLUTUM, mit seinem Industrial Metal Projekt OPALGLAS hat er jetzt die erste Single “Arizona” veröffentlicht. Via könnt ihr “Arizona” hier antesten:

Kolf kommentiert den Titel: “I wanted to feel a tingle inside my head, created by sound. I wanted to feel strange, after the song is over. Woozy by audio.“

Kolf zum dazugehörigen Video: “The music and the video belong together. I see it as one trippy thing. The visuals should amplify the feeling that the song creates. A visual distortion of bubbling shapes created through infinite layering. The sizzle that is layered over everything.“
Alucard am 30.07.2020, 12:20