Musik - MARROWFIELDS: Doomed & Stoned zeigt Titel vom ‘Metamorphoses’ Album
 Das Debütalbum der Atmospheric Doomer Marrowfields namens "Metamorphoses" erscheint am 24.04.2020 bei Black Lion Records.

Doomed & Stoned zeigt jetzt die erste Single “Birth of the Liberator”. “As you’ll soon experience, Marrowfields’ new album is an epic journey of ambience and emotion, with powerful vocals and crushing chords that generates a great wall of dense sonic mist that will envelop your soul,” kommentiert Doomed & Stoned.

Die Band erläutert den Titel: “Marrowfields first single 'Birth of the Liberator’ is a crushing doom metal opus loosely inspired by Ovidian tales of hedonism and greed. The third track from the debut album 'Metamorphoses’ exhibits colossal qualities while haunting clean vocals soar over the music to convey sorrowful atmosphere from mythological stories of old. Punishing riffs maintain the pace of the song, while twists and turns push the listener into an entirely new landscape filled with anguish and beauty. With the weight of mankind’s disobedience, behold, the Liberator is born.”
Alucard am 23.02.2020, 10:13