Musik - FOLIAN: Decibel Magazine streamt “Go Alone”
 “‘Go Alone’ will appeal to fans of Neurosis, Cave In and Isis in their quieter moments, moving at a slow-but-deliberate pace.” — Decibel Magazine

Folian ist ein Drone/Shoegaze/Post-Metal Projekt aus Portland, die Debüt LP "Blue Mirror" erscheint am 31.01.2020 bei Anima Recordings Digital, als Vinyl und als Kassette.

Das Decibel Magazine streamt jetzt exklusiv die zweite Single “Go Alone” aus dem kommenden Album. “It is the familiarity of wanting to give in when troubles become too overwhelming to process,” kommentiert Bandkopf Fylstra. “You want to hide beneath a blanket of ignorance or simply tune out, not try. This seems like a convenient solution but this will do little to effectively process your pain and find solutions. Consciously experiencing pain and frustration, and allowing yourself to let go, is necessary for moving on.”
Alucard am 08.01.2020, 07:00