Musik - TOTENGEFLÜSTER zeigen “Affliction” vom kommenden "The Faceless Divine" Album
 Das neue TOTENGEFLÜSTER Album "The Faceless Divine" erscheint am 11.10.2019 bei Black Lion Records.

Jetzt könnt ihr aber schon “Affliction” antesten. “‘Affliction’ begins very dark, almost threatening, before an impulsive mid-tempo riff takes the direction,” sagt Sänger Narbengrund Nihilis. “After a while the sinister atmosphere breaks up for a new, nearly hopeful theme but just to drag you down into the abyss again.
“‘Affliction’ deals with the horror of becoming old, lonely and sick — a woeful fate a steadily increasing number of people have to deal with,” führt Narbengrund Nihilis fort.

Alucard am 13.09.2019, 15:30