Musik - THY ART IS MURDER kündigen brandneues Album »Human Target« an - Titeltrack veröffentlicht, Video online
 Vor dem Hintergrund der postmodernen Dystopie, Chaos und Verwirrung, erhält »Human Target«, das erschütternde fünfte Album der Extreme-Metal-Titanen THY ART IS MURDER, Einzug.

In Erwartung der Veröffentlichtung am 26.7. über Nuclear Blast (rest der Welt) / Human Warfare (Astralien, Neuseeland) hat die Band das Musikvideo zum Titeltrack veröffentlicht:

THY ART IS MURDER-Gitarrist Andy Marsh dazu: "»Human Target« was the last song written for the album as I felt we lacked an opening track to set the mood and provide the impact for what was to come. Human organ harvesting had been brought to my attention as a serious matter that wasn’t receiving much coverage (or not enough for me to hear about it) and I thought the issue required more scrutiny and awareness. To distill the metaphors of proletariat subjugation down to the visceral injustice of taking away the engines of life, seemed to be a powerful atmosphere to open the record."
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