Musik - CENTINEX und Alexander Högbom gehen getrennte Wege
 Die schon angekündigte tiefergreifende personelle Trennung von DEMONICAL und CENTINEX schreitet weiter voran.
Centinex haben jetzt die Trennung von Sänger Alexander Högbom bekanntgegeben, er möchte sich demnächst stärker auf Demonical und October Tide konzentrieren.

Lest hier die offiziellen Statements:


Centinex have parted ways with vocalist Alexander Högbom. Please read the statements below for further details.


I will not be a part of the one and only true hillbilly death metal supergroup Centinex anymore. It is a mutual decision which means that I get more time and energy to spend on my other bands.
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Attention headbangers! Ok here are some updates and info, think this will clear out the situation and bring answers to possible questions.

When Alex joined Demonical in April 2017 it was already then decided that he will not be a part of Centinex anymore in order to keep both bands more separated. This was something both me and him agreed to for 100%.

As I am the main songwriter in both Demonical and Centinex I wanted to have different frontmen in each band, otherwise there is a risk that things get a bit confusing & repeated as the vocalist is often the person who “set the tone” of a band even though the style of the music and lyrics are quite far from each other.

I think we can all agree that Alex is one of the best death metal vocalists in Sweden - well that’s why I recruited him to Demonical - which means his shoes are not easy to fill but rest assured, I have that already sorted out!

So yeah, one well-known and extremely talented Swedish death metal vocalist has been confirmed as the new frontman of Centinex!
Who the hell is it?? Well that will be revealed later but if you have the slightest watch on brutal (underground) death metal I’m pretty sure you are aware of this guy.

I have already written a major part of the new next full-length and the plan is to record the album during the fall.

Stay tuned for more news, thanks for your support and stay freaking deadly!


Alucard am 15.04.2018, 14:34