Musik - THE MOTH GATHERER geben Details der "The Comfortable Low" EP bekannt
 Die schwedischen Sludge/Doom Metaller THE MOTH GATHERER veröffentlichen am 31.03.2017 via Agonia Records ihre "The Comfortable Low" EP. Auf den zwei Songs kommen Dennis Lyxzén (Refused/INVSN) und Fred Burman (Satan Takes A Holiday) als Gastsänger zum Einsatz.

THE MOTH GATHERER kommentieren: "After 'The Earth Is The Sky' (2015) we felt like we needed to push our limits while not forgetting our roots. Our roots in hardcore and our current interest in electronica made their mark on these two songs, a constant travel through harsh and beautiful soundscapes. The music and lyrics are supposed to feel like painful beauty and to provoke reflection. The themes revolve around an inner search, a way to rise while being pushed down by depression".

"The Comfortable Low" will be available digitally and in limited edition coloured vinyls:
- grey LP (limited to 250 copies)
- grey LP with black & white splatter (limited to 250 copies).


1. This Providence of Bones (feat. Dennis Lyxzén)
2. Still Life Slumbers Here (feat. Fred Burman)

Alex Stjernfeldt - vocals & bass
Victor Wegeborn - vocals, guitars & electronics
Svante Karlsson - drums
Ronny Westphal - guitars
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