Musik - FEN geben Details zum kommenden Album bekannt
 Die Atmospheric Black Metaller FEN haben einige Details zu ihrem kommenden, fünften Studioalbum bekannt gegeben. "Winter" wird am 17.03.2017 bei Code666 erscheinen, produziert wurde das sechs Titel enthaltende Werk von Jaime Gomez Arellano in den Orgone Studios in London (ULVER, ALTAR OF PLAGUES, GRAVE MIASMA, PRIMORDIAL, SOLSTAFIR).

"Winter" erscheint als Standard CD, Doppelvinyl(schwarz, limitiert auf 300 Exemplare) und Digital.
Gleichzeitig gibt es noch eine Special Collectors Box (limitiert auf 199 Exemplare) mit der Standard CD, einer Bonus CD, der Doppel LP (Side A/Side B in a smashed splatter effect of transparent aquamarine and opaque cream), plus T-shirt, Poster und einem Zertifikat das von der Band unterschrieben wurde.

I (Pathway)
II (Penance)
III (Fear)
IV (Interment)
V (Death)
VI (Sight)

Bonus (available on all the Limited formats):

I The Keening Soils
II Sight (Reprise)
III Penumbral Whispers
IV Temples Beyond the Shoreline

FEN Frontmann The Watcher kommentiert:
“With ‘Winter’ we wanted to ‘return to the roots’ of the band so to speak but not in the clichéd, nostalgic way many bands do – instead, we wanted this record to represent the ‘essence’ of Fen in terms of tone, atmosphere and above all concept. This album therefore very much describes a journey towards sanctity and redemption across a landscape steeped in mystery, hints of forgotten darkness and sorrows long since drowned in the distant past. It represents the culmination of over 18 months of writing and rehearsing, pushing ourselves harder and harder as musicians – it is a lengthy and self-indulgent record for which we make no apology. Indeed, it is a fitting tribute to mark ten years of the existence of Fen.”

"The scene is set. Cold. Empty. Desolate. A figure stares solemnly across a patchwork landscape of peat fields, the thin wisps of leaf-stripped trees swaying mournfully in the icy winds that bite through to a man’s very marrow. The sun’s light bleeds in sickly trails from the enveloping greyness of the skies that seem to yawn like an endless, oppressive canyon above. Compelled by this vision of unyielding bleakness, the figure moves, drawn inexorably to… something. Solace, penance, closure or oblivion, the pull is irresistible, a palpable sense of finality blossoming exponentially. And with each leaden footfall, the freezing breath of winter calls louder… louder… louder".
Alucard am 19.01.2017, 07:01