Musik - Sampler von Transcending Obscurity Records
 Transcending Obscurity Records haben ein Sampler mit allen Bands des Labels zum freien Download Online gestellt. HIER geht es zur Bandcampseite !

This is probably the last press release of this year but it's a culmination of all that we have achieved as a record label. The struggle is real. Most of you have witnessed the growth of a label that was primarily about Indian bands. Now the tables have turned so to speak and it's time for sub-divisions to get phased out in favour of one strong label as a whole. While region-specific sub-labels for both India and Asia currently exist, the same time next year things will be differently poised. We have no vinyl or tape manufacturing units over here but one way or the other, we are keen to add those formats to our releases in 2017.

With no releases being repeated, here's the final track listing of the year-end label sampler (yes, all bands are signed to Transcending Obscurity Records) -

1. Officium Triste (Netherlands) - Your Heaven, My Underworld (Death/Doom Metal)
2. Mythological Cold Towers (Brazil) - Vetustus (Death/Doom Metal)
3. Paganizer (Sweden) - Adjacent to Purgatory (Old School Death Metal)
4. Ursinne (International) - Talons (Old School Death Metal) SUPERGROUP
5. Echelon (International) - Lex Talionis (Classic Death Metal) SUPERGROUP
6. Henry Kane (Sweden) - Skuld Och Begar (Death Metal/Crust)
7. Stench Price (International) - Living Fumes ft. Dan Lilker (Experimental Grindcore) SUPERGROUP
8. Sepulchral Curse (Finland) - Envisioned In Scars (Blackened Death Metal)
9. Fetid Zombie (US) - Devour the Virtuous (Old School Death Metal)
10. Infinitum Obscure (Mexico) - Towards the Eternal Dark (Dark Death Metal)
11. Altar of Betelgeuze (Finland) - Among the Ruins (Stoner Death Metal)
12. Illimitable Dolor (Australia) - Comet Dies or Shines (Atmospheric Doom/Death)
13. The Furor (Australia) - Cavalries of the Occult (Black/Death Metal)
14. Warlord UK (United Kingdom) - Maximum Carnage (Old School Death Metal)
15. Norse (Australia) - Drowned By Hope (Dissonant Black Metal)
16. Soothsayer (Ireland) - Of Locust and Moths (Atmospheric Doom/Sludge)
17. Swampcult (Netherlands) - Chapter I: The Village (Lovecraftian Black/Doom Metal)
18. Seedna (Sweden) - Wander (Atmospheric Black Metal)
19. The Slow Death (Australia) - Adrift (Atmospheric Doom Metal)
20. Arkheth (Australia) - Your Swamp My Wretched Queen (Experimental Black Metal)
21. Mindkult (US) - Howling Witch (Doom/Stoner Metal)
22. Warcrab (UK) - Destroyer of Worlds (Death Metal/Sludge)
23. Isgherurd Morth (International) - Lucir Stormalah (Avant-garde Black Metal)
24. Lurk (Finland) - Ostrakismos (Atmospheric Doom/Sludge Metal)
25. Come Back From The Dead (Spain) - Better Morbid Than Slaves (Old School Death Metal)
26. Somnium Nox (Australia) - Apocrypha (Atmospheric Black Metal)
27. MRTVI (UK) - This Shell Is A Mess (Experimental Black Metal)
28. Veilburner (US) - Necroquantum Plague Asylum (Experimental Black/Death Metal)
29. Jupiterian (Brazil) - Permanent Grey (Doom/Sludge Metal)
30. Exordium Mors (New Zealand) - As Vultures Descend (Black/Thrash Metal)
31. Embalmed (US) - Brutal Delivery of Vengeance (Brutal Death Metal)
32. Gloom (Spain) - Erik Zann (Blackened Brutal Death Metal)
33. Marasmus (US) - Conjuring Enormity (Death Metal)
34. Algoma (Canada) - Reclaimed By The Forest (Sludge/Doom Metal)
35. Cemetery Winds (Finland) - Realm of the Open Tombs (Blackened Death Metal)
36. Marginal (Belgium) - Sign of the Times (Crust/Grind)
37. Chalice of Suffering (US) - Who Will Cry (Death/Doom Metal)
38. Briargh (Spain) - Sword of Woe (Pagan Black Metal)
39. Ashen Horde (US) - Desecration of the Sanctuary (Progressive Black Metal)
40. The Whorehouse Massacre (Canada) - Intergalactic Hell (Atmospheric Sludge)
41. Rudra (Singapore) - Ancient Fourth (Vedic Metal)
42. Dusk (Pakistan) - For Majestic Nights (Death/Doom Metal)
43. Ilemauzar (Singapore) - The Dissolute Assumption (Black/Death Metal)
44. Severe Dementia (Bangladesh) - The Tormentor (Old School Death Metal)
45. Warhound (Bangladesh) - Flesh Decay (Old School Death Metal)
46. Assault (Singapore) - Ghettos (Death/Thrash Metal)
47. Gutslit (India) - Scaphism (Brutal Death/Grind)
48. Plague Throat (India) - Inherited Failure (Death Metal)
49. Darkrypt (India) - Dark Crypt (Dark Death Metal)
50. Against Evil (India) - Stand Up and Fight! (Heavy Metal)
51. Grossty (India) - Gounder Grind (Grindcore/Crust)
52. Dormant Inferno (India) - Embers of You (Death/Doom Metal)
53. Carnage Inc. (India) - Defiled (Thrash Metal)
54. Lucidreams (India) - Ballox (Heavy Metal)
55. Nightgrave (India) - Augment (Experimental Black Metal/Shoegaze)
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