Musik - SONS OF BALAUR haben ein neues Label
 Season of Mist heisst die neue Labelheimat der norwegischen Black Metal Band SONS OF BALAUR. Die Truppe aus Oslo wird dort im Laufe des Jahres ihr Debütalbum veröffentlichen.
Frontmann Tomas dazu: "For years we have kept to the shadowy underworld of the Balaur Kvlt, secretively committing our visceral incantations to limited release for only the trvely worthy, calling for our great Lord Balaur's return. Now he has risen and the new world order is at hand, through blood lust, orgiastic sex and unimaginable vampiric terror this Realm Of The Damned is now a reality. With the release of the Realm Of The Damned graphic novel and the forces of good now vanquished, our debut album, a trve black metal gospel of praise to the Lord Balaur is set for release though Season of Mist Records later this year. Let the chaos begin! Screaming Blood And Pussy, Hail Lord Balaur!"

Tomas: vocals and guitar
Markus: bass guitar
Kristoffer: guitar
Lars: drums

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Alucard am 27.04.2016, 07:00