Die amerikanischen Extremmetaller SURGIKILL, angeführt von Impetigo`s Stevo, haben einen Vertrag mit FDA Rekotz unterschrieben, das Debütalbum „Sanguinary Revelations“ wird dort am 18.März 2016 erscheinen.

Dazu die Band:
“SURGIKILL has proudly signed to FDA REKOTZ from Germany who are the absolute BEST in European Death Metal today! They have an amazing roster of killer oldschool DEATH METAL bands such as MASTER, CHAPEL OF DISEASE, SKELETAL REMAINS, LIFELESS, GRUESOME STUFF RELISH, SLAUGHTERDAY, REVOLTING, DESERTED FEAR, and in the past have introduced you to such greats as ENTRAILS, BLOOD MORTIZED, and many more! This is the perfect label for SURGIKILL and we are honored to spread our horror and gore-filled nightmares through FDA REKOTZ!“
Alucard am 23.12.2015, 07:00