Musik - FUNERAL WHORE veröffentlichen "Phantasm" am 18.03.2016 via FDA Rekotz
 FUNERAL WHORE (NL) sind neuester Zuwachs der FDA REKOTZ Labelfamilie, das neue Album "Phantasm" wird dort am 18.03.2016 erscheinen.

Gegründet wurden FUNERAL WHORE 2006, nach ein paar Undergroundveröffentlichungen erschien 2012 das Album"Step Into Damnation" über das mexikanische Label CHAOS RECORDS.

Bandmeinung zu "Phantasm": "An album, relentless, pure and evil throughout all of it's 11 murderous tracks.
Fundamentalistic roots of old school death metal madness hammering your soul at maximum brutality. A concept built upon the cult classic horror "Phantasm" and reincarnated by the members of Funeral Whore. THE DEATH METAL NIGHTMARE IS BACK FROM THE ABYSS OF ALL FUCKING
EVIL!!!! Make 'em get it!!!"

"Phantasm" track listing:

01. Phantasm
02. Evil Manifestation
03. Reanimated
04. The Tall Man
05. Population None
06. The Graveyard Silence
07. When Life Turns To Ashes
08. Down The Abyss
09. Morningside Cemetery
10. Only The Coffins Remain
11. The Mortuary At Night

Kellie - Guitar
Roy - Guitar & Vocals
Van Dune - Bass
Nick - Drums
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