Musik - The Curch of Pungent Stench auf dem Protzen Open Air
 Die nächste Hammerband auf dem Protzen Open Air 2014 sind The Curch of Pungent Stench ! Das Billing macht mittlerweile einen sehr schlanken Fuß und kann sich richtig sehen lassen

We hereby inform you that after a 6 year break PUNGENT STENCH are back in business, again!
Original composer, vocalist and guitarist El Cochino (Martin Schirenc) has once again beaten the odds by re-animating the filthy kings of odor, and is joined by his henchmen Danny Vacuum (Genocide SS, The Accidents) on bass & vocals and
Mike G. Mayhem (Hollenthon) on drums.Due to possible legal bullshit regarding the use of the name “Pungent Stench”, the re-born triumvirate from Vienna/Austria will perform all future shows under the banner: “THE CHURCH OF PUNGENT STENCH’
Fans will finally get what they’re asking for, throughout the years: An old school set list including some rare and even never played before material, such as tracks from the 1989 split LP with Disharmonic Orchestra, as well as classic smash hits from their first three albums!
Exorzist am 07.11.2013, 07:03