Musik - INCARCERATION - Sacrifice - MC - OUT NOW!!
 Die 3-Song Kassette von den Deutsch - Brasilianern INCARCERATION ist jetzt über FDA Rekotz erschienen, hier heißt es schnell zuschlagen, da das Teil auf 100 Stück limitiert ist.

FDA Rekotz is really happy to publish the the 3 track music cassette version of INCARCERATION's “Sacrifice” EP, limited to 100 stinky copies only !!!
INCARCERATION was formed 2010 in Brazil and moved to the north of Germany to spread the unholy plague inspired by the fastest riffs of Nihilist, Repugnant, early Sepultura or Sadistic Intent. Classic necrotic death metal straight to the bone with lyrics about existence, suffering and death. Be fast, place your order and catch this collectors item !! They'll be on tour the whole September/Oct. with brazilian death metal horde Escarnium.

Track listing:
01- Forsaken And Forgotten
02- Sacrifice
03- Cemetery Of Lies

A few copies left, so be fast and place your order !!

Listen to Forsaken And Forgotten:


13.09 Wolfsburg, GER @ SVJH Ost
14.09 Hoogeveen, HOL @ Alien Music Cave
15.09 Groningen, HOL @ The Pit
16.09 Eindhoven, HOL @ The Rambler
17.09 Arnhem, HOL @ Willemeen
18.09 (help needed) Holland/Belgium
19.09 (help needed) Holland/Belgium/West Germany/North France
20.09 (help needed) Holland/Belgium/West Germany/North France
21.09 Wermelskirchen GER @ NRW Deathfest
22.09 (help needed) South Germany
23.09 Milan, Italy @ Blue Rose Saloon
24.09 (help needed) Italy/Switzerland/South France
25.09 Toulouse, FRA @ La Dernière Chance
26.09 Deinze, Belgium @ Muziekcafé Elpee
27.09 Hamburg, Germany @ Bambi Galore
28.09 Göttingen, Germany @ Juzi
29.09 (help needed) South Germany / Switzerland
30.09 (help needed) South Germany / Switzerland
01.10 Geneva, Switzerland @ L'écurie
02.10 Leipzig, GER @ Bandhaus Leipzig
03.10 Prague, Czech Republic @ Modra Vopice
04.10 Breclav, Czech Republic @ Piksla
05.10 Berlin, Germany @ Berlin Deathfest
06.10 (help needed) Central/North Germany

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