Musik - Vallenfyre arbeiten an neuem Album
 Vallenfyre arbeiten gerade am Nachfolger zum Album "A Fragile King", hoffen wir auf einen weiteren Kracher wie "A Fragile King" ! Hier die News der Band:

We are currently well into writing our follow up album to "A Fragile King", and thought we would share some tentative song titles with you.

"Savages Arise"
"The Wolves of Sin"
"Dragged to Gehenna"
"The Great Divide"

Just to name a few.

We are hoping to record later this year and we are currently looking at where we want to record it and who with.
We want to make it even dirtier than our debut and it would be cool to hear what your recent,favourite extreme productions are.
Exorzist am 25.07.2013, 06:55