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KATAKLYSM – präsentieren Aushilfs-Drummer! - vom 22.04.2013, 06:51

Kategorie: Musik

 KATAKLYSM haben den ex-NEURAXIS-Drummer Oli Beaudoin für die anstehenden Aufnahmen ihres neuen Albums »Waiting For The End To Come« sowie für alle Shows ab dem 30. Juni an Bord geholt.

“Oli played with KATAKLYSM before on the 70,000 Tons of Metal Cruise last year and he did a phenomenal show,” so Gitarrist J-F Dagenais. “He is extremely talented, focused and ready to do the job needed. Some of you might be familiar with him from his work with NEURAXIS and session work with KEEP OF KALESSIN and BELPHEGOR. We are very happy to have him on board and he comes wit a thumbs up approval from Max as well. We have one hell of a ride in store for you with this new album so let it begin."

Kommende Shows:
25.05. EXTREMEFEST (Deutschland ) mit Max Duhamel
31.05. BEASTIVAL open air (Deutschland) mit Max Duhamel
01.06. METALFEST CZECH REP. open air mit Max Duhamel
14.06. D-TOX ROCKFEST (Kanada) mit Max Duhamel
30.06. SAN JOSE, COSTA RICA mit Cannibal Corpse mit Oli Beaudoin
09.08. – 10.08. BLOODSTOCK OPEN AIR (UK) mit Oli Beaudoin

Max Duhamel, langjähriger Schlagzeuger der aus Montreal stammenden Death-Metaller, verkündete kürzlich, auf dem kommenden Album aussetzen und eine Auszeit nehmen zu müssen. “I have been struggling with many personal issues the last year but lately, the main one has been alcohol,” kommentierte Duhamel. “It’s been affecting my body in a very negative way to the point that when I came home after the EX DEO tour we just did, I tried to stop drinking for few days and it’s been very hard without having any with drawls symptoms. I’ve also lost a lot of weight as some of noticed recently and I’m not in good shape.”

KATAKLYSM gaben daraufhin das folgende offizielle Statement heraus:
"We as a band of brothers stand by Max's decision to get better and to rise from his demons. We all have them; some of us try to hide them and pretend they don’t exist, some of us have the courage to confront them. Max has shown strength to fight his. We stand by him and hope that he returns home when he is ready. In the meanwhile, I want everyone to know for those who haven't seen the Iron Will documentary that this band’s story is one of drama, pain and the long road to victory. We will practice what we preach on our album and we will come out swinging hard and strong with this new record. We will find a suitable replacement and we will announce him in the next few weeks. We will not disappoint any of you. We have read the messages of encouragements you have posted; we have the best fans. As the saying goes ‘the show must go on.’ Here’s a cool clip we found from Rocky that describes well what is to come from your veterans (http://youtu.be/dtjGvBnAxVE). ‘Horse power.’ See you soon.”

Das neue Album »Waiting For The End To Come« ist für eine Veröffentlichung Ende 2013 / Anfang 2014 angedacht und wird von Gitarrist Jean Francois Dagenais aufgenommen sowie von Zeuss (SUFFOCATION, HATEBREED, ARSIS) gemixt werden.

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