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MORTUARY DRAPE ohne Drummer ! - vom 13.07.2012, 21:57

Kategorie: Musik

Hi everybody, we want to inform you that last night our drummer wrote us and said that he don't want to play with Mortuary Drape anymore. Last sunday during rehearsal we had a discussion about his technical skill, worsened during last year and became too low to play our complete setlist, we demanded him more work on practising drums to return to a good level but he didn't... felt up to the situation and quitted his task without finish what he started and confirmed. Unfortunately only after years of troubles we have understood that we trusted a person which have no idea what means "be a professional musician" and his lack of professionality is shown by his bad behaviour before two important european festivals.
We must cancel our gig at Metal Magic in Denmark scheduled on 14th July, we apologize everybody and we promise to retrieve on next year, only if the organization allows us to return of course.
We didn't lost heart and luckly we are at work again, we are trying to prepare a professional drummer for Hell's Pleasure fest gig. We are going to spend next days to rehearse with him and decide if he can play on 19th July gig at Hell's Pleasure fest in Germany. So stay tuned to get last news about this bad hitch.

At the same time we want give you a sneak preview about future's projects... Indeed Wildness Perversion have already started to write and record drums of 2 brand new songs at AUTHOMA STUDIOS in Alessandria, these are 2 of the 11 songs included in the new album written in pure Mortuary Drape style, of course.
Mortuary Drape

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