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DEW-SCENTED stellen neues Album fertig und planen Veröffentlichung im Juli! - vom 26.04.2012, 06:55

Kategorie: Musik

 Die deutschen Thrasher DEW-SCENTED haben ihr neues Album im Kasten! Aufgenommen wurde wie schon zuvor im Soundlodge Studio (www.soundlodge.de) im Herzen Norddeutschlands mit Jörg Uken (God Dethroned, Suicidal Angels, Nightfall, etc.) als Produzent.

"We have worked with Jörg already on "Incinerate" for the recordings and then on the previous album "Invocation" for recordings and mix. It was an absolute pleasure to be able to team up with him again and the time we worked on the new music together in his halls pretty much went flying by! The best part however is: The final mix turned out really, really HEAVY, so much we can tell you already!", plaudert Sänger Leif Jensen aus dem Nähkästchen.

Ein paar Songtitel lauten Sworn To Obey, Reawakening, Storm Within und Gleaming Like Silver.

Erscheinen soll das gute Stück Ende Juli dieses Jahres auf Metal Blade Records (Europa) und Prosthetic Records (Nordamerika). Das Artwork stammt erneut von Björn Goosses / Killustrations (www.killustrations.com), mit dem DEW-SCENTED bereits seit ihrer 2003er Scheibe 'Impact' zusammenarbeiten, also seit beinahe einer Dekade.

Leif Jensen: "The new album's artwork looks totally stunning and we can't wait to share it with all of you soon! We are right now finishing off the work on the layouts and just did a promo photo session this past weekend, so all things are rolling forwards!"

DEW-SCENTED haben außerdem ihren Tourkalender aktualisiert:
"Unfortunately we were forced to cancel our appearance at Chronical Moshers open air festival on June 9th due to logistical complications on our end. We would like to apologize to the good people at CMOA / Metalclub Reichenbach. We were truly looking forward to playing their Anniversary event, but it simply wasn't meant to be! Hope we can make up for it in the future. Deranged from Sweden are replacing us there, so make sure to support them by attending and joining the party! Find more details here: www.metalclub-reichenbach.de

In better news, we have just announced to be supporting Metal Blade label mates Six Feet Under on a run of shows in August, with very good timing for our new album's release!"

20/07/12 – DE – Rotenburg/Wümme - Metalsplash Festival V
21/07/12 – DE - Steinbach-Langenbach / Suhl (Germany)
11/08/12 – NL - Leeuwarden – Into The Grave Festival
12/08/12 – DE – Berlin – Postbahnhof w/SIX FEET UNDER
13/08/12 – DE – München – Backstage w/SIX FEET UNDER
14/08/12 – CH – Pratteln – Galerie w/SIX FEET UNDER
15/08/12 – DE – Essen – Turock w/SIX FEET UNDER
16/08/12 – NL – Kerkrade – Rock Temple w/SIX FEET UNDER
18/08/12 – DE – Hamburg – Grünspan w/SIX FEET UNDER

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