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GOD DETHRONED blicken zurück auf 2011 und nach vorne auf die letzten vier Shows der Bandgeschichte! - vom 19.12.2011, 06:47

Kategorie: Musik

 Nur noch vier Shows, dann fällt der Vorhang für GOD DETHRONED für immer. Gitarrist Danny Tunker lässt uns tief in Herz und Seele der Band blicken!

“God Dethroned, the final year. 2011. When the decision was made to do it this way Michiel, Henk and I supported Henri's decision, of course, but it would be a lie to say we were happy about it. His reasons for doing it are -of course- his own and he looks to other horizons after playing with God Dethroned for 20+ years. He is building his own guitars, speakers and amps and going for that with the same intensity as he has played with God Dethroned for all those years.

Originally, we would only do about 4 gigs as a 'farewell tour', though offers came in all the time. We did book some extra shows, one each in Switzerland, Austria, Belgium and one show in Leewarden, Holland. Eindhoven Metal Meeting was going to be the final one (on December, 17th) and we have honored that commitment for all offers that came, safe one, which was just too good to turn down. I'm referring to 70.000 tons of metal of course. Any band would love to play that cruise. Play two shows on a cruise-ship with some of your favorite bands and 2000 fans? Forget it! So December, 17th is going to be the final show for God Dethroned on solid ground. The other 2 shows will be on a ship in the ocean.

The other shows we did this year were Summer Breeze 2011, which was one of the most enjoyable experiences I've had with this band and Motocultor in France the day after. Hanging out with Tyr and Moonsorrow on a nightliner and party? Check. Can't believe that was in August already.

And now, it's November. And we only have 4 more shows to go. The first one on December, 10th in Groningen was added about 2 months ago when the protest from fans that we wouldn't play our unofficial 'hometown' became so overwhelming that we just gave in. It turned into a day full of bands where, as fate would have it, Michiel and I will be pulling double-duty as Prostitute Disfigurement will be playing, too.

Then it's Eindhoven Metal Meeting. Then Christmas, New Year and a cruise. Can't believe this will be the end of it, but it sure has been fun. It probably won't hit me for some time, but once we play the final notes for 'Under The Sign Of The Iron Cross' in Eindhoven and somewhere on the Atlantic, it probably will.

Thanks to the fans, bands, bookers and the lovely people at Metal Blade for all the support! Hope you all come out one last time to party with us.”

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