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Schwedische Death Metaller Mordbrand verkünden nach 15 Jahren ihre Auflösung - vom 17.02.2022, 15:43

Kategorie: Musik

mordbrand» MORDBRAND is no more. After two albums, serveral EP's and split records with amazing bands we feel that we as a unit have fulfilled our duties to ourselves and to death metal. Starting out as an Autopsy worshipping duo to an excentric and bold quintet, the journey has been rewarding indeed but sometimes also a tad dissapointing. Metal isn't always fair and you can indeed keep a great band down. But we choose to look back on 15 years of madness with joy and pride.
This decision has left us with boxes of merchandise that we'd like to be rid of. Also no more merch will be printed (by us) so you could say it's all limited as of now.
The merchstore will be active as long as there is stuff left to ship.
Thank you all for supporting MORDBRAND over the years and keep supporting death metal! See you in the pit! «


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