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Crescent geben neues Album Carving the Fires of Akhet bekannt. - vom 29.01.2021, 19:34

Kategorie: Musik

 Carving the Fires of Akhet heißt das neue Album der ägyptischen Deather von Crescent. Das Nachfolgealbum zu The Order of Armenti soll irgendwann im späten Frühling 2021 über Listenable Recodres erscheinen und man darf sehr gespannt sein, was die Band hier wieder bösartiges kreiert hat.

Lest hier das Statement der Band zum neuen Album:

"Carving the Fires of Akhet" conveys in all its aspects a powerful meaning that is of important value to us. The album title acts as the thread that holds all tracks together. The Fires of Akhet represents the great divine will that was carved into humanity's history and future. A value that brought nations to their apex and brought others to their knees, and the cycle goes on. The artwork is inspired by one of the most ancient relics of Egypt, one which had and still has a huge influence on the narrative of its history. We are sure fanatics of Ancient Egypt will be able to recognize it. We wanted to bring it to life and reflect every inspiring tale of it through recreating it in a Baroque style art. Khaos Diktator Design
created a massive piece of art, translating our vision into reality by achieving exactly what we were looking for and even more! This piece of art is a monolith to be proud of.

Lyrically, the album touches upon a primeval epic story that is full of struggle and blood. It also reflects drunkenness with divine power, and pure evil in its religious and historic form (and beyond). Finally, the album takes us to a dark journey of philosophical and material decay. The themes will not only be represented by the sound, but also by artworks that express the images in our minds.

Musically, it does not try to repeat what we have already achieved, especially in "The Order of Amenti". We challenged ourselves and raised our fire higher by crossing many borders beyond what is simply expected of us. It manifests Crescent's growing identity and beyond, starting a new era for the band. We decided to record the new version of our 1999 track 'Dreamland', which is something that we wanted to do for many years and it is one of our most important tracks, which perfectly fits within the album. As for the cover songs, we could not fight the urge anymore to not pay tribute to these two bands that have been nothing but bastions of influence and sincerity throughout the majority of our musical journey. It is something for our own enjoyment.

This album has been the most honest we have ever created. Carving the Fires of Akhet is, lyrically and musically, a piece of our artistic expression that feels like a colossal part of our being. This album takes a darker path than our previous releases, while being more melodic than ever. There is a lot more to reveal and a lot more to go beyond your expectations.

1 - The Fires of Akhet
2 - Moot Set Waas
3 - Serpent of Avaris
4 - Neb-Pehti-Ra
5 - Imprecations upon Thy Flame
6 - Drowned in Theban Blood
7 - Crimson Descension
8 - As Nu Enshrines Death

Bonus tracks:
9 - Dreamland ('99 revamp)
10 - Xeper-I-Set (Dissection cover)
11 - ...For Victory (Bolt Thrower cover)

Artwork by Khaos Diktator Design

To be released in late Spring 2021 with Listenable records
More information will follow in due time!

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