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Review: Sacred Reich / Iron Reagan - Split 7” [EN] - vom 14.04.2019, 18:02

Kategorie: Musik

Review zu Thrash Metal aus den USA

Verfasst in englischer Sprache von unserem Gastschreiber Paul, Extreme Metal Musiker und Metalfan, aus London.

This limited 7” split brings together the old (Sacred Reich) and the newish (Iron Reagan) for 4 minutes of thrash worship. The question is of course will the legends be left behind by the young up starts or will they show that things really do get better with age? I’ll reveal my views on that in a bit.
Whilst the origins of thrash can be debated for hours upon end, was Queens “Stone Cold Crazy” the first thrash song ever written or was it a young Leather Charm’s “Hit The Lights”? The answer is probably neither of the above but we can agree that Thrash was the perfect collision of Hardcore/Punk and NWOBHM. A genre that went on to spew forth some of the biggest metal bands of all time as well as opening the gates to all of the more extreme genres that followed. Not to mention its great drinking music!!!!!
Sacred Reich’s place within the Thrash scene ...

sacred reich / iron reagan - plit
Sacred Reich / Iron Reagan - Split 7” / 8 von 10 / Thrash Metal

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