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ENDSEEKER zeigen ersten Song aus „Flesh Hammer Prophecy“ - vom 27.07.2017, 15:07

Kategorie: Musik

 Endseeker gewähren mit „Possessed By The Flame“ einen ersten Einblick in das kommende Album „Flesh Hammer Prophecy“.

Die Band kommentiert:
„We wrote „Possessed By The Flame“ around the middle of our songwriting process when we thought about the duration of the record. We felt the album needed some groovy mid tempo songs besides all the faster stuff. The song evolved onto the massive monster it is now and in rehearsals we like to call it our „Doom Song“, mainly because it’s the slowest track on the record - not really doom though. It turned out to be one of our favourite songs. Writing some parts we thought of slow Slayer stuff or the fantastic „False“ album by Gorefest which also is more mid tempo and heavy riffs. But in the same moment „Possessed By The Flame“ is absolutely ENDSEEKER and will be a huge headbanger on our future live shows.“

„Possessed By The Flame“: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQXkdGHtKRU

"Flesh Hammer Prophecy" kommt am 20.10.2017 via FDA Records/ Soulfood Music.

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