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DECREPIT BIRTH: Neues Album "Axis Mundi" kommt im Juli, erste Single "Epigenetic Triplicity" online - vom 21.05.2017, 10:45

Kategorie: Musik

 Die US Death Metaller DECREPIT BIRTH werden ihr neues Album "Axis Mundi" am 21.Juli via Agonia Records und Nuclear Blast Records (Nordamerika) veröffentlichen. "Epigenic Triplicity" ist die erste Single aus dem Werk und kann hier als 360° Lyricvideo angetestet werden.

DECREPIT BIRTH - Epigenetic Triplicty (Official 360 VR Lyric Video)

"We’ve gone through an evolution throughout the years" kommentiert Gründer und Songwriter Matt Sotelo. "The last couple of albums we had, Diminishing Between Worlds and Polarity, were more progressive death metal. They were different from …And Time Begins, which is a different genre of death metal. It’s more brutal. I’m the type of guy who likes to experiment. …And Time Begins has no solos. It’s all really fast palm-muted riffs. The other albums breathed more with the guitars. I let chords ring out on Diminishing Between Worlds and Polarity. Axis Mundi is combination of all the stuff I’m into. I like it a lot right now. It’s more melodic. The riffs repeat intentionally. I want to have fun with these songs".

"I don’t know if we’re going to re-shape death metal" erläutert er weiter. "We’re just a band. We’re doing this. We’re fans of the genre. We do our own thing with it. It’s our own paint job. What sounds cool to us. We don’t aspire to be the most technical band out there. The technicality isn’t our main goal. Technicality is part of what we are. When we were writing this album, we wanted the songs that had riffs that repeat. There’s more structure with our new stuff. We’re trying to write good music. We want to entertain people out there. Hopefully, everybody likes Axis Mundi".

1. Vortex of Infinity…Axis Mundi
2. Spirit Guide
3. The Sacred Geometry
4. Hieroglyphic
5. Transcendental Paradox
6. Mirror of Humanity
7. Ascendant
8. Epigenetic Triplicity
9. Embryogenesis
10. Orion
11. Desprate Cry
12. Infecting the Crypts

"Axis Mundi" album formats:
- Digipack CD.
- Limited to 500 copies BOX CD.
- Regular black double gatefold LP.
- Limited to 250 copies cyan blue double gatefold LP.
- Limited to 150 copies cyan blue with multicolor splatter double gatefold LP.
- Black T-shirt.
- Stoned - khaki green T-shirt.
- Zipped Hoodie.
- Digital.

PRE-ORDER: https://www.DecrepitBirth.net

Matt Sotelo (Deprecated, Soulside) - guitars
Bill Robinson (ex-Suffocation) - vocals
Sean Martinez (ex-Rings Of Saturn, ex-Decapitated) - bass
Sam 'Samus' Paulicelli (ex-Goatwhore, ex-Abigail Williams) - drums

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