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HAIL SPIRIT NOIR streamen Song vom neuen Album - vom 05.10.2016, 07:00

Kategorie: Musik

 Dark Essence Records streamen einen ersten Song aus "Mayhem in Blue", dem neuen Album von HAIL SPIRIT NOIR. Dieses erscheint am 28.Oktober 2016 als Cd und Digital, die Vinylversion folgt am 16.Dezember 2016.
Hört euch hier "I Mean You No Harm" an: http://www.nocleansinging.com/2016/10/04/an-ncs-premiere-hail-spirit-noir-i-mean-you-harm/

1. I Mean You Harm
2. Mayhem in Blue
3. Riders to Utopia
4. Lost in Satan's Charms
5. The Cannibal Tribe Came from the Sea
6. How to Fly in Blackness

Die Band zum Album: "It's been two and a half years since the release of our last album, and with "Mayhem In Blue" we have set out to express our more aggressive side, without sacrificing any of the psychedelic melodies that are an integral part of what we like to call HAIL SPIRIT NOIR' s "weird black sound". If anything, in fact, the sound is more enticing and trippy than ever.

"Featuring the mixing talents of Dimitris Douvras (ROTTING CHRIST etc) and the exceptional mastering abilities of Alan Douches (CHELSEA WOLFE, MOTORHEAD etc), we feel that the result is an album that elevates our signature psychoprog black metal sound to new levels".

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