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RAGNAROK bleiben bei Agonia Records & verkünden Eurotour - vom 31.08.2016, 07:00

Kategorie: Musik

 RAGNAROK haben ihren Vertrag mit Agonia Records verlängert, dieser läuft jetzt über drei Alben. Beim Label erschienen schon die Alben "Malediction"(2012), "Psychopathology"(2016) und die Retrospektive "Chaos and Insanity Between 1994-2004".

Gründer und Schlagzeuger Jontho dazu:
"We looked at several other offers when our contract with Agonia expired, but one of the most important things for us was the kind of relationship we could have with a label. We know that with Agonia we can have open and honest discussions and exchanges of ideas, which always result in something productive for both parties. It's not just about releases for them, it's also about all the other things that go into making a band successful".

Agonia Records:
"Ragnarok is in a class of its own for delivering more than two decades of truly intensive music. And that's a heck of a time. One could say a band is burnt out after so many years of artistic expression, but this isn't the case with Ragnarok. If anything's burning, it's their enthusiasm, that's being well channelized with experience. We are happy to re-new the deal and we are thrilled and looking forward to working on the upcoming releases!"

"Psychopathology Tour Europe 2016"
Ragnarok + Cvinger + Mecalimb + Guests
16.10.2016 - GER - Bambi Galore, Hamburg
17.10.2016 - NL - Little Devil, Tillburg
18..10.2016 - GER - TBA
19.10.2016 - FR - Backstage to the Mill, Paris
20.10.2016 - CH - TBA
21.10.2016 - DE - Rockfabrik, Ludwigsburg
22.10.2016 - DE - Bowlers Bar & Lounge, Apolda
23.10.2016 - CZ - Barrak, Ostrava
24.10.2016 - CZ - Melodka, Brno
25.10.2016 - GER - Blackland, Berlin
26.10.2016 - GER - Roxy, Flensburg

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