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Tomas Lindberg steigt bei NIGHTRAGE aus - vom 19.07.2005, 07:15

Kategorie: Musik

NIGHTRAGE haben bekannt geben, dass Sänger Tomas Lindberg ausgestiegen ist.
Das Statement von Tomas:
»Dear fans of NIGHTRAGE and metal in general, I'm sad to announce my departure from the mighty NIGHTRAGE. This is a band I joined some time ago to help my friend Marios [Iliopoulos[, guitar] out. But over the course of time I've grown deeply fond of being a part of this extraordinary band. But as you might know I'm a busy soul and have no other option that to give up one of my projects, only because of lack of time. My only comfort is that NIGHTRAGE now can continue at full speed without me holding them back. But I will continue to follow their career, 'cause I have great expectations for the future of this band. Hail Marios! Hail NIGHTRAGE.«
Mit Jimmie Strimell hat die Band bereits einen neuen Sänger gefunden.

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