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Review: Bloodbath - Grand Morbid Funeral [EN] - vom 02.12.2014, 07:29

Kategorie: CD Review

CD Review zu Death Metal aus Schweden

» There is nothing new about Swedish metallers from BLOODBATH having members from well known bands like Katatonia and Opeth, but a few months back when they've announced Nick Holmes, from major British band Paradise Lost as the new BLOODBATH singer, it has caused a stir in the metal media to say the least, most probably for the simple fact that Holmes hasn't hardly done any death metal growls for over twenty years, so, some people couldn't help feeling skeptical about Holmes puling it off and others, on the other hand, over excited about it.
Grand Morbid Funeral is BLOODBATH's 4th full length album, and like the previous ones, it sounds pure Swedish death metal, heavily influenced by bands like Entombed and Dismember, with a very few hints of Florida's death feeling added to it. The guitars sound is very dirty, the distortion feels like the beginning of the 90's hurricane of a noise, simplicity and groovy riffs are the main characteristics... «

Für dieses Review haben wir unseren Freund Cristhyano, gebürtiger Brasilianer, von den Londoner old school Deathern DECREPID als Gastschreiber gewinnen können. Also lest hier wie das Album in England/Brasilien aufgenommen wird.

bloodbath - grand morbid funeral
Bloodbath - Grand Morbid Funeral // 8 von 10 Punkten // Death Metal

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