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BEYOND MORTAL DREAMS stellen neue Songs Online! - vom 18.03.2014, 07:11

Kategorie: Musik

 Both songs of the new EP by this obscure Death Metal band from Australia can be listened online now. The first song, called "Lamia" is being streamed exclusively on the French web Thrashocore. Listen to it following this link: https://soundcloud.com/thrashocore/beyond-mortal-dreams-lamia

Pahl Hodgson, BMD's vocalist and guitarrist had the following to say about this new track: "LAMIA" is a conscious return to the older, chaotic BMD stylings more prominent in the earlier demos and on "FROM HELL". Whilst DREAMING DEATH was quite a change in atmosphere from our previous works, it was never our intention to distance ourselves from the more intense and involved aspects of our earlier material, and so with "LAMIA", and in the coming material that will follow, you will see more of a blend of the two."

The second song, called "Demonsword Infernal" can be streamed directly from our bandcamp page. Just follow this link: http://unholyprophecies.bandcamp.com/album/lamia-7-ep

This EP is released in a cooperation between the German Label UNHOLY PROPHECIES and the Czech label LAVADOME PRODUCTIONS. The edition is strictly limited to 300 units pressed on transparent red wax. An insert / lyrics sheet is also included.

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