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Lineup-Wechsel bei PAGANIZER, Sommerfestivals/Konzerte fallen aus ! - vom 23.06.2013, 17:32

Kategorie: Musik

 Rogga and his Swedish killing machine had to cancel their upcoming summer shows (incl. PROTZEN Open Air this weekend and OBSCENE EXTREME FEST), as their second guitarist Andreas left the band...here´s a little statement by Rogga himself:

As a few times before in the past 15 and more years, Andreas has decided to leave the rotten ship that is PAGANIZER.

Nothing spectacular about that...the man isn´t hardcore death metal like the rest of us idiots, he often needs a few years breal to listen to Sophie Zelmani.

So now Dennis moved over to lead guitar and it'll be killer as he's a better guitarplayer than me or Andreas (wich isn't hard though)

And on the bass we have now long time friend Willy Darkness, the man the myth the mystery (to women anyways...)

We have had to cancel the shows for this summer wich we are fucken pissed about ofcorpse, but with some effort we will do them next year instead!



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