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evil army - violence and war
Violence and War
Thrash Metal
8 / 10
Cristhyano Bassan


The deranged soldiers from EVIL ARMY have been terrorizing our lives since 2004, their latest release entitled "Violence and war" which it is only a mini LP since they released their last EP two years ago, but don't be fooled, its the most pure, raw and in your face thrash metal that you can get.
It's only 5 songs which makes you crave for more, but you can listen it over and over again without getting fed up, which its the case of any good music, if you are into true old school thrash you won't get enough out of it.
The sound quality if very good, not too rough but not smooth either, which results in a very dirty balance.
EVIL ARMY knows how to explore their assets and influences in their music, imposing very clear boundaries inside the genre, flexibility and experimenting outside the box its a no go for these maniacs, the message its loud and clear, thrash till you die or fuck off. We can only hope EVIL ARMY never change their slogan and keep their machine gun always loaded with filthy riffs and nasty beats.
If you like a polished sound, this album its most definitely not for you, but if love the kinds of "Kill'em all" and "Show no mercy", I guarantee "violence and war" will be an enjoyable ride indeed.
The album has been released on Hell's Headbangers on the 2nd of October, you should waste no time in getting it, but remember, listen to it loud because its not music for wimps, but no matter how tough you are, after listening to "violence and war" you will feel like you have been ran over by a tank and you will be glad if you survive.

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