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braincasket - ratchet of perdtion
Ratchet Of Perdtion
Death Metal
8 / 10


When asked to undertake some review for IHO I was presented with a number of CDs to review. I immediately picked this release as I had witnessed Braincasket play at Xxxicken Festival last year. They put on a really devastating performance and I remember thinking at the time that their dual vocal attack was really effective so was really interested to hear this. The only concern I had was that I recollected from the live show that they had a lot of slam influences and whilst I like this live I tend not to enjoy it so much on CD.
The first question then, is this another of the plethora of slam releases? Thankfully, for me anyway the answer is most definitely not. This is 100% a brutal old school death metal album and if you love that genre you are in for treat. Yes, there are slam riffs in places, but they are used to good effect in much the same way as Suffocation did many years previously. More importantly though, the release demonstrates that the band have a large range of musical weapons in their arsenal and they are utilsed to good effect throughout.
Opening track Ratchet Of Perdition The Initiation with its slow riff and interesting guitar motif instantly made me think of Morbid Angel. Second song Go With No Face opens with a Cannibal Corpse inspired legato riff before hurtling you through a musical death metal journey that I found really satisfying. And that is the story of the whole album, its a really solid release and something the guys should be proud of. The drums are handled by MIchiel Van Der Plicht (God Dethroned, Apophys) and are a clear highlight for me.
It is fair to say that there is nothing greatly original about the album, but then does there have to be? I often feel that many people are so busy seeking something ground breaking and new that they miss something of note that is right in front of their eyes. For example, when picking a horror movie I check out the covers and pick the one that looks the best, I nearly always know what im going to get and as long as it is executed well Im going to love it. The same thing applies to this album, one glance at the cover (created by Phlegeton Art Studio) and you know that tortured bodies in a sewer means death fucking metal. The only question left is whether it is well executed or not, in this case the answer is YES.
So if youre up for some Brutal Death Fucking Metal then check this out, if you want to hear fretless guitars and polyrhythms then go find something pretentious to listen to.

Song tip: Ratchet of Perdition The Initiation and Syncopahtic Bowel Movement

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1. Ratchet of Perdition the Initiation
2. Go with No Face
3. Blunt Force Intercourse
4. Decapitation Wound Fuck
5. Devouring Connubial Flesh
6. Meat Hump Massacre
7. Sick Sense of Acid
8. Anger from the Soul
9. Rotten Carcass Collision
10. Syncopathic Bowel Movement
11. When Hate Enlaces Lust
12. Ratchet of Perdition the Completion

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