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Thema: Über 100 Death Metal/ Brutal Death Shirts/ Hoodies< Älteres Thema | Neueres Thema >
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Time to say goodbye!

I'm getting rid of many shirts from my personal collection,...

If interested make me an offer in € or $ or else I can send you an prize which sounds resonable for me.

BS = Both sides printed

Shipping costs depends on how much you take!

And hurry  :biggrin:

Here we go:

Abominable Putridity – The End Of Human Existance, L, BS, Mint, Firstpress

- Brown Mark Riddik Art 2006, M, Mint

Abysmal Torment – Incised Wound Suicide (MM 05), S (like M) , BS, Mint

Alienation Mental – Veneration Of Biological Killing Machine 1999, XL, BS VG

Amagortis – Pre-Natal Cannibalism (MM 07), BS, L, Mint

Anal Bleeding – Born In Menstrual Excrements (Demo Shirt), L, BS VG

Animals Killing People – Stop Killing Animals, Kill People! (blue print), M, BS, VG

Beheaded – Recounts Of Disembodiment, XL, BS, Mint (Longsleeve!!)

Brodequin - Tour Shirt 2001, XL, BS, VG (North American Extermination Tour)

- (SS with Handcuffs), XL, BS, Mint

- His Nails Should have... XL, BS, VG (Ablated Records)

Cannibal Corpse - Hammer Smashed Face L, BS, VG

Cardiac Arrest - Stiffs In The Basement, L, BS, Mint

Carnivore Diporsopus – Filled My..., L, BS, Mint

Cephalotripsy – I Eat Dead Infants, Firstpress yellow logo, M, BS, Mint

- Uterovaginal... M, BS, Mint

Cerebral Bore - Driller Killer, S (like M), Mint

- Fritzl, M, BS, Mint

Clean Felsh – Logo, M, Mint

Corpse Gristle – Don’t Mess With ..., XL, BS, Mint

Deaden – Butchered Whore, L, BS, VG (orange version)

- Butchered Whore, L, BS, G (red version)

Deathfeast 2007 – Black Version, M, BS, Mint

Deathfeast 2008 – MM Art, M, Mint

Deeds Of Flesh – Mark Of The Legion, XL, BS, Mint

- Inbreeding The Anthropophagi, XL, BS, VG (colored)

Defeated Sanity – Reborn..., M, BS, Mint (MM 10)

Defleshuary – Corpsing You Up, L, Mint

Dehumanized – Man VS Man, L, BS, Mint

Deterioration – Take Her Breath....M, BS, Mint (MM 07)

Devourment – It’ll Hurt..., M, BS, VG (pink)

- It’ll Hurt..., L, BS, VG (green)

- Kill That..., XL, BS, Mint (MM 00)

- Show Me..., L, BS, VG (MM 04))

Disavowed – Stagnated In Mental Passivity, M, BS, Mint

Disgorge (Mex) - Forensick, L, BS, Mint

- Chronic Corpora Infest Cover, M, BS, Mint

- Goremassacre Perversity, L, BS, Very Good

- Rare promo shirt, L, BS, Very Good

- Chronic Corpora Infest, Reprint, XL, BS, Mint

- Serial Butcher Ready To Fuck You!, XL, BS, VG (both versions)

Disgorge (Us) - Consume The Forsaken, L, BS, Mint (Longsleeve)

- CTF, S, BS Mint

Dislimb - Deprived of Humanity, XL,BS, Mint

Element – Logo, band on back, L, BS, Mint

Exhale (Swe) – Prototype, M, BS, Mint

Goratory – Tour 2007 FTC L, BS, Mint (blue logo)

- Tour 2005, L, BS, Mint (red logo)

Goretrade – Exploding Gush Of Blood L, Bs, Mint

Gorgasm – Logo Hoodie (Unique Leader), L, BS, Mint

Guttural Secrete – Reek Of ... L, Bs, Mint

Haemophagia – From Sickness...M, BS, Mint (Firstpress)

- Testemonies Of What...M, BS, Mint

Heinous Killings – Hung With...M, Bs, Mint

Hemdale – (from split 96), XL, BS, Mint (bootleg, I suppose)

Incinerate – Bashing In Her Fucking Skull, M, BS, Mint

- Bind Them...L, BS, Mint

Infected Malignity – Green Shirt (w cover), XL, Mint

Infested – Unteil It Breaks...S, BS, Mint

Inflicted (TXDM) – Denouncing The Flesh, Songs on back, XL, BS, Very Good

Insidious Decrepancy – Adorned In Agony , M, Bs, Mint (MM 06) (brown logo)

- Decadent Orgy Of Atrocious Suffering XL, BS, Good

Internal Bleeding – Perpetual Degradation (MM), XL, OS, Mint

Internal Bleeding – Invocation Of Evil, XL, BS, Mint

Limb From Limb – Dismemberment S, Mint

Liturgy – Dawn Of Ash, M, BS, VG

Lividity – Fuck The Commerce 2005, L, BS, Mint

Mortal Decay – Live Half Dead (blue Logo), L, BS, Mint

Mortal Decay – Live Half Dead (white shirt, black logo), L, BS, Good/ Very Good

Necrotic Disgorgement – Suffocated In Shrinkwrap, XL, BS, Mint

Necrotic Disgorgement – Suffocated In Shrinkwrap, Logoshirt XL, BS, Very Good

Nile – Ramses Bringer Of War XL, BS, VG

Origin – Informis Infinitas Inhumanitas, M, BS, Mint

Pencile Lead Syringe – Suffocated And Embalmed, L. BS, Mint

Purulent – No gay Metal, M, BS, Firstpress

Putrid Pile – Death Is Imminent, M, BS, Mint

- Death Is Imminent, american S, BS, Mint

Pyrexia – Sermon Of Mockery, L, BS, Very Good

Retch – Suckling, M, BS, VG

Rottrevore – Iniquituous L, BS, Mint

Repudilation – Red logo, M, BS, Mint

- Puring Of Impurity (blue), M, BS, Mint

- Encrypted In Blasphemy, XL, BS, Very Good

Saprogenic – The Wet Sound Of Flesh On Concrete, M, BS, Very Good (small color spot from print) (Hoody, limited to 3 copies!)

Sarcolytic – Urinating In The Face Of Men M, BS, Mint

Sect Of Execration – Lord Of The Sick, M, BS, Mint

Severed Savior – Brown Logo, M, VG

Sintury – MM Art 96, XL, VG

Skinless – Fuck Humanity, XL, BS, Good/ VG

Skinless – Foreshadowing Our Demise (armprint) , XL, BS, Very Good (Longsleeve!!)

Suffocation – Kill Or Be Killed, M, BS, Mint

- Funeral Inceptiom, L, BS, G/VG

Temple Of Amon – MM Art 07 L, BS, Mint

Torsofuck – Erotic Diarrhea Fantasy, M, BS, Mint

Vale Of Misceration – M, BS, Mint

Viral Load – Deepwoods Debauchery XL, BS, VG

Vomit Ramnants – MM Art 04, M, pink version, BS, VG

Waking The Cadaver – Authority through...L, BS, Mint Hoodie

Wormeaten – Tortured Cadaveric Humanity (red), M, BS, G

Wormed – Distance ...First Press M, BS, Mint
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» Schnellantwort Über 100 Death Metal/ Brutal Death Shirts/ Hoodies
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