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Thema: Review: Piah Mater - Memories of Inexistence  [EN], Progressiver Death Metal aus Brasilien< Älteres Thema | Neueres Thema >
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Piah Mater - Memories of Inexistence

Eine Progressive Death Metal Band aus Brasilien? Was liegt also näher als einen Freund und Member bei HURTGEN und HIDEOUS THEORY aus Brasilien für dieses Interview als Gastschreiber gewinnen zu können. Also lest hier wie das Album in Brasilien aufgenommen wird…

The first release of the Brazilian band Piah Mater is one that stands out for its musical quality and very careful production. The full-lenght had the helping hand of Matheus Ullmann production-wise and was mastered by Tony Lindgren (Enslaved, James LaBrie, etc) at Fascination Street Studios, Sweden. This digital album is filled with very unusual, unexpected moments, a very interesting listening experience.
The first track 'Cathiard' starts with a beautiful and melancholic piano intro that suddenly turns into a heavy song, heavy guitars, odd tempos, growls… this gives the listener a taste of what’s to come.  I don’t feel comfortable categorizing this Brazilian duo as a death metal band; as a whole, "Memories of Inexistence" is a progressive metal album, with death metal references and many, many acoustic sessions. In fact, the prominent use of these shows us the visible musical knowledge and writing skills of its members.
The voice of Luiz Netto is strong with a great performance both in growling parts and clean vocals filled with emotion, leaving us curious about a live performance. The debut has a dark and sometimes soft atmosphere, still the song structures are filled with totally unexpected parts, unpredictable tight complex riffs. There’s often a relaxing acoustic performance cut abruptly by heavy parts. ‘Mother Soil’, the longest track, has interesting melodies, from which the band travels by all its influences. Another thing you may notice is that the programmed drums are really well done and mixed. The production is very clean but not too much, making this album sound natural.
The fourth song 'Inexistents' is fully acoustics with clean vocals. 'Young Rust' comes next, presenting one of the coolest riffs here, which should work well live. The guitar work here is very tight and well thought. The last track 'The Greater Freedom' begins with some of the best riffs of the album, being one of the best tracks, finishes with atmospheric passage, that sounds like a soundtrack, preceding the abrupt, 30 second heavy end of the album. This work will please open-minded metal fans of bands that are not afraid to explore their musicality, like Opeth, Swallow the Sun, Katatonia, Dark Tranquillity, among others.
Piah Mater, formed in 2010 have a promising future, seems to be a band that comprises a comfort zone, and their next work sure will deliver us even more interesting moments.

Wertung: 7 / 10

Gesamtlänge: 57:56
Label: keines
VÖ: 29.12.2014

1 - Cathiard
2 - Anticipation
3 - Mother Soils
4 - Inexistents
5 - Young Rust
6 - Immaculate
7 - A Greater Freedom

Website der Band: www.facebook.com/pages/Piah-Mater/633422666784294

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I will rise up from the grave
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A master to the slaves
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» Schnellantwort Review: Piah Mater - Memories of Inexistence  [EN]
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