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Thema: Forumupdate auf 3.1.1
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Beitrag von Admin_UDT an 16.07.2002, 18:35
Ähm ja hmmm,

wie ihr vielleicht festgestellt habt, habe ich das Forum nach ca. 8 Stunden Arbeit :mad: auf die Version 3.1.1 hochgehoben. Diese hat viele neue Funktionen und Fehlerbehebungen ? :)
Allerdings musste ich den Gruftigen Skin (Aussehen) komplett neu machen. Ich denke aber das es jetzt wieder aussieht wie vorher ? :)
Die deutschen Texte sind auch wieder Online :rock: Evtl. müsst ihr noch im Kontrollcenter unter Accountoptionen noch die Sprache Deutsch und evtl. auch den Skin auf Gruft setzen

Cu UnDerTaker

This is a partial list of the new features that have been added to the board from version 3.0.2a to 3.1. All that is in this list was not in the older versions. This list was compiled 3 weeks ago so it is obviously out of date.

Incomplete new feature list:

Private messenger Features:

Forward your PM's to others
Preview your PM's before sending
Mass PM member groups (admins only)
PM multiple members
Save PM to your notepad
A flashing indicater to tell you your PM box is full
PM notification via email
Print your PM
Happy B-Day sent via board (editable by all ib codes)
Number of PM's a user can store, done by membergroups
Pruning old PM

These all have the ability to be turned on or off via admin cp, so you can custumize your board more to your style.

Skin choice & Language choice
Real name
Show Signature
Show Interests
Show AIM Name
Show ICQ Name
Show Yahoo Name
Show MSN Name ?
Show Website at registration
Show Hide E-mails or not


Save your post to the NotePad ? (didnt finish your post? ? save it for later when you have time if it is a long one.)
Small menu on the side to help you switch from your notepad to your saved post.
small menu on the side to switch to saved PM's
If a member is deleted... So is there notepad.

These all have the ability to be turned on or off independently of each other via admin cp, so you can custumize your board to display what you want in a users profile.

Member number
Real name
last post showing forum, topic, date and time.
Last visit to board. ? (wether they post or not)
Avatar in profile

view 10, 20, 30, 50, 100, 200, 500 members at once.

calendar of event
You are now able to chose in wich forum you can post events

The ability to delete the new files that are created in the admin CP, to save cpu power. They will also show file size. ? Those files are:

Error_Log (file size is shown)
Email-Log (file size is shown)
Notice-Log (file size is shown)
Search log files (with the number of deleted files shown)


Warn users
Board will send a PM to the member being warned. ? You have the option of adding your own reply with the default message.
Warn user will show in the mod logs in admin center. ? You can track who warns who.

Who posted in a topic info in the forum view.

File Manager can now go the the non-cgi directory.

See the number of Users Active in entire sub category

Headline news

Post markers(historic)

Forum tracker

Move topic. The moved button now links to the topic in the new forum.

MSN working off the board.

Upload avatars by membergroups via Admin CP

Mark each topic as read seperatly

Go to last post made in a forum you read.

Online/Offline In Post

Moderator email notification

Notifications to mods for queued posts

1 email notification per visit to a topic when it is tracked (option in userCP)

SuperMods will now get the reported posts if it is setup in the AdminCP. If there is no SuperMods the superAdmins will get it.

html compression

Members set theredefault font posting color in there CP

Modular private messenger (to reduce server load)

Load css

Move to the top link added in all replies.

Added the option to remove the default icons for the topic view or the forum view in admincp.

Locked poll shows results

Web link to other ikonboards

smileys are now case sensitive

Users Active in entire sub category

Global colors.

Every forum column is now separated.
Sub category colums separated
Misc. Active Users separated
Board Statistics separated
Invite a friend separated
Web Ring separated
Member profile and memberlist separated

Mods CP

You can merge topics.
Watched Topics
Set forum rules
Mod CP link added beside Admin CP

Admin CP

Upload emoticons
Admin index link
Prune Members Registrations
Colapsible menu with memmory

Super news

Super news(news in multiple forums) ?
you can also include your avatars and the topic descriptions

Beitrag von Guest an 16.07.2002, 19:57
wenn ich mich einmischen darf (wenn net, auch egal  :p ): die buttons für "new topic", "post reply" usw sehn noch net sehr gruftig aus. schlampige arbeit...   :cool:


Beitrag von Admin_UDT an 16.07.2002, 21:28
wenn ich mich einmischen darf (wenn net, auch egal ? ): die buttons für "new topic", "post reply" usw sehn noch net sehr gruftig aus. schlampige arbeit... ? ?

Hehehehe, die waren im original Gruft-Skin so einfache Bilder ohne Text, also nicht eindeutig!
Darum habe ich die leicht abgedunkelten Originale eingesetzt ? :baeh:

Beitrag von Exorzist an 18.07.2002, 21:47
Ihr habt Probleme !!!???!!!, und was issen das fürn Gelaber mit dem Fisch und so, tss tss tsss. :eek:
Also ich finde es fehlen irgendwie noch so`n paar Gehörnte im Forum ansonsten finde ich es extrem ok. ? :sagrin:
Paul ? wer ist denn eigentlich Paul ? :D

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