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Thema: Afterlife In Darkness Part III - Black Lion Records
Eröffnet von: UnDerTaker

Beitrag von UnDerTaker an 21.12.2022, 20:03
Swedish powerhouse label Black Lion Records has released its brand new sampler "Afterlife in Darkness Pt. III", featuring tracks from such artists as Fatal Embrace, Kvaen, Credic, Vananidr, RF Force and many more! From the genres of black, death and heavy metal, the sampler decently unites the amazing blend of artists the label currently represents. A download of the compilation is available < HERE >, also you can support the label and the artists with a small donation! A physical edition of this special work will be available in mid 2023.

The artwork was done by Simon Bossert and the tracklist reads as follows:
01. Amiensus - Mouth Of The Abyss
02. Fatal Embrace - Emperyal Doom
03. Angmodnes  - Weight Of Eternity
04. Defiatory - Only War
05. Credic - Mountains Between Us
06. Black Therapy - Blindness
07. Drift Into Black - It Fell From The Sky
08. IATT - Seven Wandering Stars
09. RF Force - Old School Metal
10. Souldrainer - Where Angels come to Die
11. Echo - My Convent
12. Fäust - When Death Spawns Fire
13. Vananidir - Awake
14. Sarcator - Grave Maggot Future
15. Faustian - Communion with Shadows
16. This Ending - My Open Wound
17. Ablaze My Sorrow - Transfiguration (The way of the strong)
18. Ontborg - Steps Of Damnation
19. Ironmaster - Bringer Of Deception
20. Sorrowful land - The Cold Grey Fog Of Dawn
21. Fatal Embrace - Shadowsouls Garden
22. Kvaen - The Fire Within Him Burn

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