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USURPRESS neu bei Agonia Records - vom 13.01.2016, 14:44
Kategorie: Musik
 Die Doom/Crust/Prog Deathmetaller USURPRESS sind der aktuellste Neuzugang bei Agonia Records. Das Quartett aus Uppsala(Schweden) hat sein drittes Album "The Regal Tribe" im Herbst 2015 mit Lawrence Mackrory (FKÜ, Darkane) aufgenommen, ein festes Veröffentlichungsdatum gibt es noch nicht.

"The name Agonia is synonymous with integrity, originality and quality", sagt USURPRESS Frontmann Stefan Pettersson. "We felt that to be able to compete with the bands already signed to the label we had to challenge ourselves and really step up our game. We decided early on to discard the traditional way of songwriting/arranging and compose The Regal Tribe one piece at the time, starting with the first riff in the first song and ending with the last riff in the last song. That way we hoped to avoid the album becoming repetitive and stale and instead more fluent and powerful. Listening back to the finished album, I’m convinced we did the right thing. This is the album we have always sought to do".

USURPRESS wurden im März 2010 von Stefan Pettersson (vocals), Påhl Sundström (guitar) und Calle Lönnberg (drums) gegründet was, später kam noch der bekannte Deathmetalexperte Daniel Ekeroth (bass) dazu.

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